Trager fest day at Outdoor Scene

by Rachel Cunningham
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With Summer almost upon us and gardens being spruced up for the warmer weather to come, Traeger – makers of world-leading premium wood pellet BBQ’s – are holding a Traeger Fest Day, at The Outdoor Scene, 2 Goatstown Rd, Mountanville, Goatstown on June 3, writes Rachel Cunningham.

There’s something for all foodie tastes at Traeger Fest.  Traeger will be showcasing Classic American themed food, including dishes such as delicious Smashed Burgers, Chicken Wings and Cookies.  More information attached. 

We can provide time with a Traeger chef to talk about the best ways to BBQ and provide hints, hacks and tips for Summer grilling. We can also offer Q&A and recipe content from renowned global BBQ TV chef sensation DivaQ 

Or perhaps you’d like to use some of the Traeger recipes in an editorial piece – they have some lovely options like their Smoked Burgers or Pulled Pork Sandwiches as well as lots of sides. 

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