‘We Go Swing’ in Millennium Park

by Gazette Reporter
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Cllr Tania Doyle (Ind for Ongar) welcomes the introduction of the first “We Go Swing” in Millennium Park. 

“Inclusion and full participation were all key pillars of my 2019 election campaign and I’ve done some work to date on this. This swing offers access to members of our community with limited or reduced mobility who otherwise may not be able to use a standard designed swing unit. Expanding on my pledge, 

“I recently tabled a Motion in Council requesting Fingal County Council invest in the acquisition of additional “Magic Tables” for the library here in Dublin 15 and for other appropriate locations in the area.

“Tovertafel means ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch, and magic is exactly what this technology brings to its players. Whether it’s stimulating social-emotional learning or increasing alertness and focus, play is so important for children with additional needs. “Magic tables” consist of a series of interactive light games specially designed which can also assist members of our community with dementia to be more active socially, cognitively and physically. 

“FCC has confirmed to me that they have purchased an additional “table” for Blanchardstown Library which will be in place very shortly. Two additional mobile units have been ordered which can be transferred as required across the county.   I’d like to take this opportunity to commend the Director for Services and his Fingal team for their constant and proactive approach to full inclusion, and to parents who got in touch with me to get this across the line,” she concluded.

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