Suffragette Anna-Maria Haslam talk in Eblana club 

by Alex Greaney
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Historian, Author & Librarian, Carmel Ui Cheallaigh (Carmel Kelly) will be presenting one of the first ever public talks on suffragist Anna-Maria Haslam, her life and many achievements, in the Eblana Club, 3 Eblana Ave., Dun Laoghaire on Thursday evening April 20th at 7.30pm, free Admission, writes Alex Greaney. 

Anna-Maria Haslam (and her husband Thomas) were Quakers and pioneers in every 19th century Irish feminist campaign. 

From 1866 onwards, after founding the Dublin Women’s Suffrage Association, Anna initiated countless high-profile campaigns presenting many petitions and persuading MPs to sponsor Bills in the House of Commons seeking votes for women along with Secondary and University Education, plus Political and Property rights.   

Her name and picture (and those of other key women’s suffrage campaigners) is also on the plinth of the statue of suffragette Millicent Fawcett, the only statue of a woman, in London’s Parliament Square. 

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