Sticky Songs Set Up In Dublin 8

by James Hendicott
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Sticky Songs, a forward thinking independent music publisher run by experienced music industry pros David Wilkinson and JP Canning, have set up in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin 8.

The publisher will, in effect, run the financial side of music releases, dealing with issues like copyright, royalties, and advancing songs towards use in areas like TV and video games.

“Music publishing is an area we have an in-depth knowledge of and something we are extremely passionate about so we are excited to get going,” Wilkinson tells us. “In the short term we are focussing on building our writer base and catalogue while strengthening and building on relationships with music supervisors and International partners.

“Music publishing is a very niche yet essential part of the music industry so the demand for a proactive publisher will always be high. At a very basic level, a music publisher would positively exploit repertoire through sync and placement opportunities, ensure that any performance and mechanical royalties are collected accordingly, handle any admin and ultimately protect the songs it has an interest in.”

“My business partner JP Canning and I worked in the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) for twelve and fourteen years respectively up to December 2020. During our time with IMRO, we worked closely with songwriters and music publishers on all aspects of their business from repertoire, distribution, admin, licensing and marketing. We both had aspirations to start our own music publishing business which is how Sticky Songs came to be.”

“Going forward, we will be running various collaborative projects such as songwriting camps, workshops and organised writing sessions. In the long-term, we will be co-organising events with International partners.”

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