Perfect Cadence Reaches 100 ‘All Unique’ Shows

by James Hendicott
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If you had a radio show, and you couldn’t play a single track twice, how long could you keep going without running out of ideas?

That’s a question that doesn’t seem to have occurred to 8 Radio DJ Stephen Byrne yet, as his show ‘Perfect Cadence’ reaches 100 two hour shows over the course of two years, with just that record intact. 

Byrne’s plan is to ensure that different artists get a presence on our airwaves, and he does so by never repeating a single song, not even 50 shows apart. Tallaght resident Byrne, who is also the editor in charge of popular music website Goldenplec, digs through his vast music catalogue, including new cuts and older offerings, each week to come up with a new selection of acts that many will never have heard before. 

Byrne has his ear to the ground of the Irish music scene, with Goldenplec also highlighting an array of rising acts each year in an annual New Year ‘ones to watch’ selection entitled ‘Plec Picks’, a series of features that has successfully picked out major names in Irish music well before they reach the mainstream. 

Over the years, Plec Picks has featured Hozier (way back in 2014’s edition), Girl Band (in 2015), Lankum (in 2016), Fontaines DC and Dermot Kennedy (in 2018), and, most recently, the likes of Kehli, NewDad, and Sprints (in 2021). Of course, he features many rising international acts, too. 

The writer and broadcaster’s radio show is very much of the same bent: a show offering the music obsessed a glance at some of the ‘next big things’, and with it the chance, potentially, to see them in tiny venues before they jump to arenas and the world of mainstream radio. What’s not to like?

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