From the shadows: Jamie Adam’s Melodic Electronic unveiling

by James Hendicott
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Sometimes, some of the very best pieces of music never see the light of day. This was very nearly the case with Kells bedroom electro-pop musician Jamie Adam.

A self-confessed introvert, Adam worked nights and produced his music in the early hours for many years, forging an album of fuzzy, late-night tracks reminiscent of poppy-electronic outfits such as MGMT and Foster The People.

“I didn’t write the record for anyone other than myself,” he says.

That, perhaps, is what makes it such a great album. New release, Melodic Electronic, has the distinct feel of a complete lack of self-consciousness, and the buzz of its late-night, spaced out creation is all the better for it.

“I’ve been writing songs and riffs for about ten years now,” Adam says.

“I must have well over a thousand sound recordings on different phones and laptops. I wrote Melodic Electronic in 2016 because I was going through a real personal shift.

“I had just come back from a summer in America. I had started looking after myself better both physically and mentally.

“I had also just left the band I was in, as I was getting a little frustrated with how difficult it was to meet up and create new music.

“By going solo, I just had to rely on myself for output and I was able to write the majority of the record in a few months.

“It was a form of self-therapy for me; most of the songs are introspective and self-reflective.”

Adam’s working on getting over his introvert character and bringing the show on tour, too.

He’s played about half a dozen live shows so far – and while he feels his stage show is a work in progress, he’s coping with the more outgoing style.

“I actually haven’t found it too bad,” Adam says of his live progress. “I was always in bands growing up, albeit more of a background member.

“I feel comfortable on stage but it is definitely different seeing your face more prominently in photos and posters.

“I’m still an introvert. I can deal with being in the public and crowds quite comfortably, but it consumes energy.

“So I can only do it for a certain period of time before it exhausts me.

“We are in the early stages, in regards to playing live with this project. I think we have only played five or six shows altogether so far, so I see next summer being busier in terms of gigging.

“I am just looking forward to getting out and playing as much as we can and just honing our craft.

“I still feel like we are only getting started.

“I felt like the last year has been just a great learning experience in regards to working and releasing music independently. There is a lot of knowledge I will bring to the table for the next set of recordings.”

The process so far, though, is just the tip of what could, it seems, be a very special rise. “This record is like an EP to me,” Adam tells us.

“I’ve written so many songs since I finished this album that I feel like it is only a taster of what is to come.

“I was only a college kid who was making tracks on his iPad in the corner of his bedroom back in 2016.

“If someone had told me I’d have played headline shows in Whelans and have national radio airplay and blog coverage by the time Melodic Electronic was out, then I would have taken it.”

Melodic Electronic by Jamie Adam is out now.

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