Irish Tenors Celebrate a Quarter of a Century

by James Hendicott
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Having formed back in 1998 as a result of an American TV show, a PBS special that put the trio firmly in the limelight, the Irish Tenors have gone on to tour the globe, selling millions of records along the way.

Anthony Kearns, Ronan Tynan and Declan Kelly are all classically trained musicians, and come together to produce a sound that’s reflective of their roots and intends to stir the heart. As they head towards their 25 year celebrations, Kearns reflected on the trio’s intent and experiences.

“We select songs that we enjoy singing and that we feel we can do justice to,” he says. “Songs that connect with people that can inspire them and take them on a journey away from their everyday lives if only for a short while.”

“The Irish tenors show is a rollercoaster of emotion,” he explains “It has music to stir the soul and pull at the heart strings. Nostalgic songs and uplifting toe tapping music accompanied by a 30 piece Orchestra with rich arrangements, The Irish tenors deliver to the power of three.”

While the tenors recently dropped in on Ireland, America remains a core part of their audience, with the PBS association continuing to this day, their most recent special shutdown by Covid and expected to be revived in 2023.

“We have had a long association with PBS down through the years,” they explain, “and it is really the only way you can reach audiences coast to coast in the USA.”

“We hope to keep going as long as we have the health to do so and the audience to listen to us”, Kearns says. “Thankfully there is a younger generation to carry the torch. They have grown up with these songs. You know if you put anyone on the spot at a party or gathering and ask them to sing a song? Chances are it will be an Irish one.”

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