Hope Collective Launch ‘Punks Listen’ Charity Book

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Dublin-based punk outlet Hope Collective have launched ‘Punks Listen’, their latest book, which will raise money for the Red Cross Ukraine refugee appeal. The book is a collection of short pieces of writing by some high-profile musicians and writers talking about the records that had a big influence on their lives. 

Authors within the text include Suggs (frontman of Madness), Henry Rollins, Amanda Palmer, Roddy Doyle, John Robb, Tim Burgess, Dunstan Bruce, Mike Scott, David Gedge and Andy Cairns, each discussing just a single record that has turned out to be something of a soundtrack to their lives. In total, over 200 contributors have penned their thoughts. 

Niall McGuirk and Michael Murphy, who worked together to compile the text, have two previous books together, which were also focused on charity fundraising. McGuirk says of the text: 

“In times of stress and worry you reach out to your community for help. When we saw what was going on in Ukraine we felt we needed to reach out to our friends to show some solidarity. We are two punks from Dublin trying to express sympathy and empathy in a world that at times feels like it’s gone mad.” 

“We reached out for help and the response has been incredible. Music motivates us to try to change things and we found comfort knowing the extended music community are ready to help. We asked what their favourite record is and here’s what they wrote” 

The book is available now from the Hope Collective website (simply Google Hope Collective Ireland and Punks Listen), price at €20, with all profits to the charity.

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