LANY: Not so ‘Super Far’ from their goal to be world’s biggest band

by Dublin Gazette
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It’s difficult to define an ‘overnight sensation’ in 2018. People who’ve been working hard at their craft for years are gaining more prominence thanks to social media, their dedication to their work coming to the fore seemingly, well, over-night.

Enter LANY – a US based, bi-coastal trio comprised of vocalist Paul Jason Klein, multi-instrumentalist Les Priest and drummer Jake Goss.

They’ve sold out stadiums in Manila, garnered millions of streams on Spotify, and were even billed as one of the best bands at New York’s Governors Ball by the Rolling Stone Magazine. You could say they’re a fairly big deal, even if the masses haven’t heard of them just yet.

The band were in Dublin on Monday night to play their third ever show (and second headliner) on Irish soil.

“I’ve only been in Dublin an hour, but it’s great,” laughed frontman Paul Jason Klein. “We’ve been here once before, I flew in on the day of the show and had an amazing hamburger, but I hope I’ll get to see a little bit more this time around.”

LANY were in Dublin to play The Academy as part of their unofficially titled ‘End of the Rose’ tour. The band played to a packed-out room, who diligently sang back every lyric with as much zest and passion as Klein himself.

LANY Photo by Catie Laffoonein

Having played several festival slots – including the prestigious Coachella – and numerous shows across the globe since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2016, the band are preparing themselves for the next ‘era’ of LANY. It’s seen as the ‘demise’ of the rose adorning the cover of their first release, before the beginning of the ‘Malibu Nights’ album cycle later this year.

“I kind of just locked myself into a room and wrote for 50 nights straight, and I came out of it just kind of like, ‘wow, I think I just wrote the next album’,” Klein told Dublin Gazette. “We got to work some really great people on it – an Irish man, actually – and got a lot of knowledge out of the process. We write from the heart, and we write our truth, and I’m glad it resonates.”

Recorded in California earlier this year, LANY took to social media to announce their second full-length offering would be called ‘Malibu Nights’, much to the delight of fans. Their first album deals with themes of heartbreak and love and family, and Klein said they’re sticking to what they do best on album 2.

“We want to be the biggest band in the world, but we want to do it while staying true to ourselves. There’ll be a lot of the same themes from the first album, for sure,” Klein said.

LANY Photo by Catie Laffoon

As for their plans for the rest of 2018, Klein promised that fans new and old will get to hear a taste of what comes next for LANY before the colder months draw in – and a return to the Emerald Isle might be on the cards too.

“There’ll be a song out before the end of the summer, and the album, hopefully, before the end of the year. I’m excited for people to hear it, and the people seem to be excited too. We’ll be touring again soon too. I definitely want to go back to the UK and I hope Ireland will be included as well.”

Check out LANY on social media at @ThisIsLANY.

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