Displacement and Belonging – Home Spring Open Exhibition

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In Displacement and Belonging – Home, the selected artists are exploring the idea of ‘Home’; What is home? Where is home? Is this my home? Thematics emerge such as migration, dislocation and relocation; from the most personal sense of being connected to a place, and to each other, to the wider context of the prevailing disconnection and uncertainties in society today.

The use of the term ‘Hospitality’ in the arts, humanities and social sciences reflects a shared concern with issues of belonging, identity and placement that arises out of the experience of globalised social life1. French philosopher Derrida was interested in the etymology of the word hospitality being derived from two proto-Indo-European words which mean stranger, guest and power. Derrida observed therefore that there is always some hostility in hospitality, which he referred to as ‘hostipitality’, a reference to the pre-conditions that are in place when welcoming a stranger into your environment, country, workplace, institution or home. This idea of ‘Hospitality’ and the need to engage more with the obstacles that create social and cultural disconnection, and a sense of belonging, is the focus of Rua Red’s artistic programme.

Each year Rua Red holds an annual open-call exhibition of fine and applied arts. Work is invited from artists in any discipline and at all career stages. The Open serves as a platform to support and encourage emerging and established artists. It is an opportunity to see the breadth and vibrancy of the work being created today and to find new and unexpected connections.

Rua Red congratulates artist Seiko Hayase, the recipient of the Rua Red Spring Open Art Prize 2023, who will be awarded a solo show in our exhibition space during the year ahead.

This project is supported by the Arts Council and South Dublin County Council Arts Office.

24 February – 22 April 2023

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