A celebration of music ‘The Dedication’

A celebration of the amazing Irish music icons from past but also showcasing the emerging talent of tomorrow

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The dedication to Rory Gallagher took place last Friday at Fibber Magees in Dublin with three of the hottest bands  around taking the roof off the place.

The Dedication is a new and progressive platform that celebrates the lives of some of the countries most influential musicians who have sadly left us. Names like Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Dolores O’Riordan, Phil Lynott and Sinead O’Connor.

The free show which was sponsored by Michael Flynn owner of Mattress Micks and The Rock radio (www.therockdublin.com) is part of an ongoing series shows “Dedicated” to celebrating the lives and material of a variety amazing Irish musicians. Shows held previously included Philip Lynott in January and Gary Moore in April.

The venue was packed to the rafters when the first band, Code Veto took to the stage. With all members around 16 these young guys rocked the place to its core and certainly showed off their emerging talents.

Up next was one of the world’s greatest Rory Gallagher tribute bands, Crest of a Wave, who delivered a powerhouse performance covering a wide variety of Rory’s material note perfect. 

To finish the show, local rock blues band The Dram, who blew the crowd away with their raw energy and musicianship.

The next show celebrating Irish art and culture will be ‘The Bash for Philo’ which is the tenth year celebrating the birthday of Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott.

Crest of a Wave

The free show will be held in Fibbers Magees on the 23rd of August and the following day in The Button Factory. The sterling line up boasts some of the worlds leading tribute bands including a performance by Phil’s Uncle Peter Lynott.

Bands and fans will be flying in from all corners of the globe to celebrate the biggest birthday party this year.

Michael Flynn, Mattress Mick and Niall Fortune, Eddie Rockets

Both shows are sponsored by Niall Fortune from Eddie Rockets and Mr.Musical, the legend Michael Flynn from Mattress Micks’s and The Rock radio.

Tickets on sale now via Ticketmaster.

Featured Image: The Dram

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