At the Point, Friends Experience comes with plenty of benefits

by James Hendicott
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The Friends Experience: The One In Dublin (currently available to book until the end of January, and located close to the 3Arena) takes a heap of authentic props and a nice potted history of the iconic New York TV series to produce a walkthrough tour, combining fantastic photo opps with a little bit of a pop culture love in.

The self-guided tour is relatively short, with the photo opps a huge part of the draw, but tells a potted history of the long-running series, exploring the fashion, the dating scene, how it connected with young people throughout its long run, and its characters’ idiosyncrises.

The two apartments, Central Perk, the opening credits fountain, and the stairwell from the famous ‘pivot’ scene are the main photo elements, as well as several add ons at the end. The apartments, in particular, are notably massive, and filled with the show’s props. Character quirks are brought home too, though, with reminders like Phoebe’s bike, the holiday armadillo, a gigantic version of Hugsy, science boy, and Rachel’s long letter to Ross all given an airing.

Our trip, the morning after Matt Perry passed away, had something of a sad backdrop, with Chandler Bing’s comic timing and sarcastic wit almost echoing from the walls of the boys’ apartment as guests talked it over, the different scene recollection a tribute to just how culturally pervasive the show became.

The reunion show a few years ago tapped into the level of interest that still exists, and this experience, which comes complete with signed scripts, a faux New York view, and the chance to strum Phoebe Buffay’s guitar, brings back every affectionate, scatty corner. Just don’t get too bogged down in the gigantic ‘who dated who’ chart, which, Chandler and Monica’s long-standing romance aside, reads a little like a 90s nostalgia memory puzzle!

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