Shock elimination as Fair City star Shane Quigley Murphy’s journey comes to an end

by Aishling Conway
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Shane Quigley Murphy, who plays Gar Doyle on the RTÉ soap, was the third celebrity to leave the dance competition, after finding himself in the bottom three alongside David Whelan and Eileen Dunne.

Shane Quigley Murphy and Laura Nolan had earlier danced the Rumba to Sam Smith’s version of How Will I Know? and received a total score of 19 from the judges, placing him in seventh position on the leaderboard.

Dunne, who got her Jive on to Let’s Twist Again by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers, scored 17 points, which was the lowest on the night.

Whelan danced a Cha cha cha to Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell and landed in fourth position with 24 points.

Speaking to presenters Jennifer Zamparelli and Doireann Garrihy after the results were announced, Quigley Murphy said: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t gutted. But it was such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the show so could not be happier with how tonight went and it just wasn’t enough in the end.”

Nolan added: “I’m so proud and I just want to say thank you so much. You were double jobbing through this whole thing – on set and then coming straight into me. It has been an absolute pleasure and if I were going to end on any dance, I’m delighted we ended on that tonight.”

Earlier in the show during a pre-recorded segment, TV presenter Katja Mia revealed that she had received “a really ugly message on social media”. She explained that a woman had said that she “was too heavy to be dancing”.

Davy Russell and Kylee Vincent

Smooth moves from Davy Russell and Kylee Vincent opened the show as they performed an American Smooth (see what we did there!?) to Rod Stewart’s Ain’t Misbehaving.

Loraine Barry said: “I love to see a dance and you clearly danced the foxtrot here! You had flight… but the landings were a bit bumpy”.

Brian Redmond said: “The footwork was perfect on your feather step. The arms were a little bit dance by numbers. Your respect in terms of technique for your feet is to be commended… but not quite the full package yet.”

Arthur Gourounlian said: “You are very dashing and you embraced every single move. It was a different side to you and it was refreshing. It was a nice American Smooth.”

Jockey Davy Russell and his Partner Kyle Vincent during Dancing with the Stars
Picture Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Laura Fox and Denys Samson

Next up on the dancefloor were broadcaster Laura Fox and Denys Samson who danced a hiptastic Samba to Échame La Culpa by Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato.

Loraine said: “It is definitely carnival time tonight! You were shimming, you were shaking, the hips were pumping… the Samba vibes were pulsating through your whole body.”

Brian said: “Most people struggle to get a sense of what the Samba is like… there is a unique group of people who actually dance Samba as if it was the way they were born to move. For a girl from Galway, that looked like you were born in Brazil. For a week five Samba it doesn’t get much better.”

Arthur said: “I am in love with this outfit! The song, the performance… it was hot, hot, hot! Your Samba hip and foot were spot on. You came out with vengeance. That attitude was perfect for this dance. You left me thirsty for more!”

Radio and TV Presenter Laura Fox with her Partner Denys Samson during Dancing with the Stars
Picture Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

David Whelan and Salome Chachua

Wild Youth singer David Whelan and Salome Chachua were third on the floor and gave it their all in a Cha cha cha to Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell.

Loraine said: “You need to get the foot pressure into the feet and release the hips. Was that entertaining? Oh yeah, definitely entertaining.”

Brian said: “I think despite the fact the choreography was there… I felt at times it got a bit high… and wasn’t quite as grounded. You have set such a standard and I find myself judging you against your standard. Was it brilliant, yes, but it wasn’t David Whelan brilliant.”

Arthur said: “When you are dancing I just want to get up there with you. I loved it – this was fire!”

Wild Youth Frontman David Whelan with his Partner Salome Chachua during Dancing with the Stars. Picture Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Shane Quigley Murphy and Laura Nolan

Up next with the Rumba were Fair City actor Shane Quigley Murphy and Laura Nolan to Sam Smith’s version of How Will I Know?

Loraine said: “Your role here Shane was to lead the Rumba…. and the Cuban motion needs to be seen, and I feel you got a little bit lost with your vulnerability. I needed you to step up and shine more.”

Brian said: “There is no doubt you have a leading lady with Laura… I wanted you to be that leading man. Good news, you didn’t make any mistakes… I want you to take the confidence in that and step forward and shine more.”

Arthur said: “I was so excited to see the slower and vulnerable side to you. You nailed it. Your arabesque was spot on. Every move was dark and mysterious and I loved it.”

Eileen Dunne and Robert Rowiński

Former newsreader Eileen Dunne and Robert Rowiński got their Jive on to Let’s Twist Again by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers.

Loraine said: “Eileen you twisted for the nation tonight! Twist is an action you can put in the jive and then you add to it. You need a lot of stamina and energy… but did you give us your best, of course you did!”

Brian said: “The twist was great, shame I was looking forward to a jive! If I am enjoying something enough to see more, that’s a good sign.”

Arthur said: “I adore your positive attitude! I love the way you involved the twist in your jive… but it got a little bit slow for me. I enjoyed it – bravo!”

Rosanna Davison and Stephen Vincent

The sixth couple to take to the dance floor were Rosanna Davison and Stephen Vincent who danced a very fun Charleston to Caro Emerald’s Dr. Wanna Do.

Loraine said: “You were in the character of the dance – the swivels, the kicks, the slides! This was a roaring success.”

Brian said: “Well if that’s what private medical insurance gets you – sign me up! When you danced in week one, I didn’t think you would be capable of anything like that. That was by far the best you have danced. That was a Charleston to get the pulses racing!”

Arthur said: “You wouldn’t normally be my type – but with this outfit! That was an over-the-top performance and you were dominating the dancefloor. Week one was Miss Perfect, week five was Miss FUN!

Former Miss World Rosanna Davidson with her Partner Stephen Vincent during Dancing with the Stars. PictureKyran O’Brien /kobpix

Blu Hydrangea and Simone Arena

Blu Hydrangea and Simone Arena danced a stunning Contemporary Ballroom to Eurovision Queen Loreen’s Tattoo.

Blu’s microphone came loose during her performance, but she didn’t miss a step! Simone said it was “exceptional” that she was able to carry on.

Loraine said: “I just love to see a dance and you showed us the Tango… tonight it was more intense. There was lots of drama, if I could ask for one more thing, let that spine bend. I want more drama than that.”

Brian said: “It needed a little more flexibility… but in terms of a Contemporary Ballroom with a Tango feel that was a really, really good effort.”

Arthur said: “It was so stripped back and the vulnerability was here. It paid off – it was absolutely here. It was brutal but beautiful.”

Ru Paul Drag Race’s Blu Hydrangea with Partner Simone Arena during Dancing with the Stars. Picture Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Katja Mia and Ervinas Merfeldas

And finally, TV presenter Katja Mia and Ervinas Merfeldas danced a Viennese Waltz to Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On.

Loraine said: “You put your heart into this. The feet, I just want you to be aware of them… just making it very very clean.”

Brian said: “You have been the Latin queen for the last few weeks and I am so glad you haven’t let your Ballroom standards slip. The only thing missing… I wanted you to take bigger steps. You are definitely continuing to blossom.”

Arthur said: “Tonight you were blooming in the ballroom. Your frame was very very strong. It was very amazing to see the soft and gentle side. This dance was stunning inside and out, just like you.”

Six O’Clock Show Host Katja Mia dancing with her Partner Ervin’s Merfeldas during Dancing with the Stars
Picture Kyran O’Brien /kobpix

Dancing With The Stars continues next Sunday on RTÉ One at 6.30pm.

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