Dublin haunted castle makes Halloween list

by Rachel Cunningham
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A Dublin area has been included in the top five cities a “haunted” castle has been mentioned in TripAdvisor reviews or descriptions, writes Rachel Cunningham.

In advance of Halloween, Ubuy, which is Ubuy is a cross-border retail search engine, has completed an investigation into the most haunted castles in Europe.

Dublin’s Drimnagh Castle came fifth on the list. Said to be haunted by Eleanor Barnwell, who is searching for her first love, many tourists reported experiencing encounters of the supernatural kind. 

A review posted on TripAdvisor stated: “The 15th-century castle dates back to Norman times and is steeped in history and they say…haunted.”

“As Halloween approaches, we decided to put a spin on our castles study and investigate which castles around the world were considered to be the most haunted,” said Faizan Khan at Ubuy.

“Five cities in Europe were found to be home to eerie spirits and spooky goings-on and we expect many thrill-seekers to add these destinations to their winter break bucket lists to explore for themselves.

“From Dublin to Ghent, there are ghoulish structures to be found in every corner of the continent this Halloween.”

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