Dublin author explores social media culture

by Rachel Cunningham
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Shankhill author Judith Cuffe touches on the cult of the influencer, the veneer of ‘perfect lives’ and cancel culture in her fifth novel, Unfollow Me.

“Unfollow Me is a story about facing past demons, being honest, and finding out who you are beyond what you share online. Just because we follow, it doesn’t always make a person a leader”, the author explained.

Commenting on her inspiration for the book, Ms Cuffe said that she began to share “honest tidbits” of her life on social media.

“It got me thinking about the other side of social media, the pressure to be perfect that we place on the accidental celebrities of our generation”, she said.

“We live in a generation of online stalking, often harmless, but we all do it to some degree, too ready to criticise people who share. It’s the modern-day curtain-twitching or keeping up the Jones”, the author added.

Unfollow Me will be available in bookshops from the end of July.

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