RTÉ Investigates looks at crack cocaine dealing in Ballymun

by Kim O Leary

In a special report tonight, RTÉ Investigates will broadcast undercover filming of the rise in open drug dealing in Ballymun.

RTÉ Prime Time’s Fran McNulty has over several weeks, delved into the drug addiction problems, that continue to beset Ballymun in Dublin. 
New figures published today show that cocaine, in powder form and the more potent crack cocaine in rock form are a growing problem across the country. The latest Health Research Board statistics spell out the reality of crack cocaine use today in Ireland.

Dr Anne Marie Carew, Research Officer for the Health Research Board, told RTÉ Investigates that between 2014 – 2020, there has been a 400 per cent increase in the numbers seeking treatment for crack cocaine addiction, from a low base of approximately 84 cases seven years ago. 

The Health Research Board describe the crack problem in Ballymun as ‘acute’ by comparison to other areas in the capital.
Ballymun is the community with the highest level of people with opiate addiction in the country, 10 times the national average, making it ripe ground for this destructive drug. 
RTÉ Investigates have been monitoring several locations where drugs are openly sold on the streets, in full glare of the public. 
One such location is close to a senior citizen housing complex in Ballymun, where dealers have set up shop, with multiple escape routes available.
To see how big a problem drug dealing was at the location, RTÉ Investigates secretly filmed there over five days last month. Viewers tonight will see how on the first day alone, undercover cameras filmed over 42 potential drug deals in just a four-hour afternoon period. 
In a statement An Garda Síochana said, there are currently 31 members of the Gardaí assigned to the to the Divisional Drugs Unit in the North Dublin Area, almost 10 per cent of the Drug Unit Gardaí in the country.

The level of open drug dealing we have here just would not be tolerated in other communities, in more advantaged communities in this country. There would be an outcry, and something would be done about it,” said Andrew Montague Former Lord Mayor & Author of Brighter Futures.
RTÉ Investigates – Crack and the Community is presented by Fran McNulty and produced and directed by Janet Traynor is on tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

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