MUSIC: Between// Roads “We shine brightest when we’re on stage”

by James Hendicott
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Characterised by the memorably soaring vocals of frontwoman Amie Grendon, Between// Roads sit on the fringes of folk and rock sounds, pouring their hearts into exploratory songs that can play out like glances into the members’ hearts.

The Dublin based act are a slow developing one: despite having formed back in 2018, they have produced only a short series of singles and an EP in that time, but quality, rather than quantity, is paving the way for an organic progression.

“Amie and Seán have been playing music together for twenty years. In 2017, they decided to start Between//Roads,” the band explain. “Early in 2018, they put the feelers out through any medium they could in order to put a band together. Dan was the first person to respond, and as soon as the lads met him, they knew they had the drummer they wanted. Wes was introduced to the lads through another friend, and much like Dan, when you know you know. Between //Roads were a four-piece for about a year in which time we recorded and released our first EP ‘All Who Wander’.”

“We were delighted with the reception the EP got, including some good national radio play and some memorable gigs. However, tight as we were, we still felt we were missing a little something, and once again, we put out the call and Emma came and completed the line up in 2019. Interestingly, the first song we ran through with her was [new single] ‘Got Away’.”  

“Since then we have released a lockdown project called ‘The Tape Sessions’ and two successful singles, 2021’s ‘Blue Eyes’ and 2023’s ‘Burden’.  With these releases came more radio play, more gigs and more recognition.”

“That the band have managed to achieve as much as we have is a testament to our love not only of their music, but of each other. We have an unquestionable bond and shared vision in relation to what we create and we feel this only gets stronger with every rehearsal we share, every gig we play and every song we record.”

“Getting played on Radio 1, on one of our favourite shows, by one of our musical heroes Fiachna Ó Braonáin was extremely special. The story behind Faichna’s support is quite funny actually. Seán met him at the Borris Festival of Writing and Ideas last May. He wasted no time telling Faichna about Between //Road’s new single, passing on our details and mining him for advice. You can only imagine how much we all laughed when Seán let us know how shameless he’d been. However, Fiachna’s response that day, and indeed, his support for us on his show was such a lovely experience for us.”

“We have a strong sense of what we want our work to sound like. When we work together, we are very focused and very productive. This is because we have a deep creative attunement to each other born out of years of making art together. Because of this, germs of ideas that start out on WhatsApp quickly become fully formed songs.”

“Without a shadow of a doubt, Between //Road shine brightest when we are on stage. Whether it’s to a packed venue, or in a small pub, the magic happens when we play live. We are tight, we are engaging, we are infectious, we are hungry and we are fantastic. We have never played a gig where the audience has not enjoyed it. We believe this is because we are so united in what we do. We are much more than five people on a stage, we are one unit, not only connected to each other in a flow-state but with the audience too. You can feel it in the room when we play.”

Between// Roads play upstairs at Whelan’s on July 12th, with tickets priced at €10.

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