Dublin Won’t Forget This ‘Forgiveness’ Episode At Laughter Lounge

by Gazette Reporter
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Cutting his teeth in the North East of England’s resolute working men’s clubs, Middlesbrough native Chris McGlade will be bringing his brand-new show ‘Forgiveness’ to Dublin’s Laughter Lounge on September 15th following a British tour which has led to over 20 standing ovations and widespread critical acclaim.   

A fiercely powerful show about a brutally shocking story; Chris’ father was murdered in 2011. How do you forgive your father’s murderer? Only Chris knows… Inspiring uproarious laughter, tears of sincerity and standing ovations, Chris’ conscientious comedy and cutting-edge poetry makes for a truly unforgettable show. 

Speaking on Forgiveness, Chris says:   “This is my father’s legacy. He was a funny, bighearted, inclusive, tolerant, forgiving man. Humour, passion, inclusivity, tolerance and forgiveness are things I feel the world could do with a little more of today, peace.” 

Chris is passionately political; he spearheaded a fractious six-year campaign opposing a large housing scheme earmarked close to home on Redcar’s Coatham Enclosure (which he won). He brings that same fire and energy to his performances, looking past the ‘liberal comedy consensus’ and taking apart and revealing the hypocrisy in Britain today.  

It might not sound funny and is certainly un-PC but this is a must-see show. 

Chris continues: “I want free-thinking people coming along prepared to laugh at others and themselves. I don’t want people thinking ‘can I laugh at that?’ It’s like the comedic part of the brain has been lobotomized” 


McGlade is a stalwart of the comedy scene having been performing for 30 years. He’s performed on both sides of the Atlantic with some of his career based in the Los Angeles scene – a vastly different scene to the uncompromising environments of the north eastern working men’s clubs. Chris is also a successful actor and has been seen in the West End run of Billy Elliot as well as a role in Ken Loach’s I Daniel Blake’

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