Commemorating the 26th anniversary of comedy legend Bill Hicks

by Padraig Conlon

In any poll of the greatest comedians of all time, you’ll usually find Bill Hicks in the top 10.

Nearly three decades after his death from cancer at the tragically young age of 32, his legacy continues to grow as new generations of comedy fans discover his work.

His standup was pure rock and roll, he was a prophet who raged against authority and the nature of accepted truth.

His act wasn’t just gags and giggles, he urged his audiences to question things they might never before have considered questioning.

Even though he has been dead since 1994, quite a lot of the things he discusses in his performances are the same things we find infuriating about the world in 2019; US foreign policy, hypocrisy of religion, poverty and lying politicians.

Irish fans of the legendary Hicks will be delighted to hear the annual commemorative tribute for him in Dublin, which takes place on the anniversary of his passing February 26, returns next year.

The Laughing Stock Comedy Club (TLSCC) recently announced they’re are back with their ‘6th Public Members Bill’ which will include Bill’s brother Steve, contributions from comedians and poets, and loads of other great Hicks related stuff.

On a statement released recently TLSCC they said: “26th February 2020 is the 26th anniversary of Bill Hicks’ passing and we are honoured to have his brother Steve Hicks live in The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

“Steve will share his own memories and answer any questions you always wanted answered about the life and times of Bill.

“The three hour show will also feature live tributes by comedians singers and poets who play from their f**kin heart, video tributes and other surprises.

“A raffle will take place for a portrait of Bill.

“As always a local [Dublin] charity and Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation will benefit from door and raffle receipts, after costs.”

Tickets are €17.50 and are on sale now.

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