Strange World Premiere at Movies@TheSquare

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Strange World is the weird and wonderful animated adventure that your Lightyear-loving family has been waiting for.

As fans of sci-fi cinema, we spend our lives looking up, dreaming of distant planets and the unknowable aliens that inhabit them.

But what if the biggest adventure of all was beneath your feet?

With the Oscar-winning director of Big Hero 6 at the helm – and an A-list voice cast that includes Jake GyllenhaalDennis Quaid and Lucy Liu – Strange World is tipped to join the Mouse House’s golden circle.

As a simple farmer on the fantasy planet of Avalonia, Searcher Clade has spent a lifetime in the shadow of his intrepid explorer father, Jaeger.

Even now, with the old man missing in action on his latest adventure, Searcher is still being asked to forge his autograph.

But when the President of Avalonia lands in Searcher’s front yard to recruit him, sparky wife Meridian and 16-year-old son Ethan for a secret mission to a world beneath the planet’s surface, this lifelong also-ran might get his chance to own the surname.    

You’ll come to Strange World for the rocket-fuelled action, the fantastical landscapes and the squelchy creatures who occupy them.

But you’ll soon realise this new Disney film runs a little deeper.

“For me, Strange World is a celebration of family,” say screenwriter Qui Nguyen.

“It’s this huge coming-of-age story, not of an individual, but individuals. Of how Jaeger has to grow to be a better grandfather, Searcher has to grow and Ethan has to grow to become the legacy that allows them to fix the world.”

When you watch this  movie, you’ll get both a thrill-ride and a fuzzy feeling on the ride home.

As Qui told a press conference: “Strange World is going to make kids chew on their popcorn and be at the edge of their seats, but there’s also a lot of heart. It’s our love letter to our kids, as both fathers and as sons.”

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