Corban Walker’s first solo exhibition  

by Alison O'Hanlon
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Solomon Fine Art is delighted to host an exhibition by one of Ireland’s leading contemporary artists, Dubliner Corban Walker. This is Walker’s first solo exhibition at Solomon since joining the gallery in 2022. 

Under Stand The Space spans over eighteen years and includes a range of sculptural and wall-mounted works, some of which are exhibited here in Ireland for the first time. Assembled using carefully engineered stacking systems and ranging in steel, aluminium, acrylic and glass, this body of work is concerned with perceptions of scale, architectural constructs and the manipulation of materials. 

Walker’s local, cultural, and specific philosophies of scale are fundamental to how he defines and develops his work, challenging the viewer to articulate form and structure in a new transparency and creating new means for viewers to interact and navigate their surroundings.

Contrasting his own personal experience with other people’s belief of what is considered a ‘correct proportion and measure’, through a minimalist approach he aims to introduce new ideas to our environment through his own perception of scale, known as Corbanscale. 

The exhibition runs until 21st October .

Featured Image: Sinéad Burke,writer, broadcaster and advocate for disability and design and Irish contemporary artist, Corban Walker

Pictures: Kenneth O’Halloran

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