Dublin duo Boots and Kats set to take EP by storm this weekend

by Dublin Gazette
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Boots and Kats have made a name for themselves on the Dublin music scene, getting their start at a weekly club night some five years ago.

Since their formation in 2014, the last five years have seen the duo go from strength to strength, with their 2019 set to culminate in a massive show in Jam Park later this year.

The pair – also known as Ciaran and Jack to friends and family, are now getting set to light up the Casa Bacardi stage at Electric Picnic this weekend alongside a mix of electrifying acts from across the country in Stradbally.

Ahead of what’s sure to be an energizing set at Electric Picnic this weekend, Dublin Gazette caught up with the Dublin based DJ duo.

Where did you get the inspiration to join forces to form Boots and Kats, and how did you meet?

We met each other through the Snowsports Society in DCU back in 2013 and started DJing together at house parties using whatever equipment we could pull together. The next year Ciaran started the weekly club night, Toast. It had a room called the ‘Party Shack’ which was just for Disco and feel good party anthems. We continued DJing together in that room, usually wearing the grooviest Hawaiian shirts we could find, because it was way more craic and it helped to add to the party atmosphere we were aiming for.

After a couple of months, we started getting gigs as ’Toast DJs’ and eventually, by complete chance, on our way down to a festival, we landed a 5-hour slot because they forgot to book DJs for the bar stage. The day was a wash out but fortunately for us, that stage ended up being the only one with full cover, so we ended up with a full tent without anyone knowing who we were. We got really good feedback off it though so after that we decided to start Boots & Kats and see if we could make it a thing.

You’ve been around since 2014 – what have been some of your biggest achievements in music since then?

Selling out any venue is still mental to us, but when we took a chance at headlining District 8 in Dublin, we were joking selling it out so when it actually did sell out, we were totally speechless. Another huge one just happened which is putting on our first camping festival ‘Yurt City’. It took place in the ground of Charleville Castle and we couldn’t have been happier with how it went.

What’s the boldest risk you’ve taken in your time as Boots and Kats?

We usually try and throw a curveball for our last tune of the night, so there’s been a few risks, but it probably has to be M-Beat feat. General Levy – Incredible as the last tune for Boxed Off 2016.

Are you excited for Electric Picnic?

Absolutely! We’ve been going to EP for years now and being able to play Casa Bacardi is genuinely a dream come true for us. What makes it better this year is we get to play just before Detroit Swindle who are a massive influence for us and are joined on the line up by some of our good friends like Adult Store, Mix & Fairbanks and a heap of others.

The crowd turn out for us last year blew us away, so we hope it’s similar this year.

What kind of set can fans expect at Casa Bacardi? Any surprises up your sleeves?

We’re delighted with our set time again this year because it starts when it’s bright out and ends when the sun is completely set. For these kind of set times we like to play disco stuff while the sun is still out and then transition into beefier house when the sun goes down.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re playing at the new District 8 in Jam Park on October 5th which is a massive one for us. George Feely, Adult Store and Karl Guest are also on the line-up so it’s going to be a wild one. Other than that, we have a few cool gigs coming up that are TBA and a lot of the other time will be spent in the studio!

Any new music on the way?

Yep, we have some stuff in the pipeline, but no release dates planned yet. The plan is an EP release in the near future but there’ll also be an edit or two in the meantime hopefully.

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