Balbriggan’s ‘How it’s Made Festival’  runs to Saturday week

by Rose Barrett
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Murielle Celis

The ‘How it’s Made’ Festival in Balbriggan was launched last weekend and will run over the following two weekends, September 16-17 in the build-up to the weekend of Culture Night on Friday 22. 

Facilitated by the local Scéal Arts collective, in partnership with the locally-based Irish Institute of Music and Song, the festival will conclude on Saturday, September 23.

A series of events designed to explore how art is extracted from nature will be hosted, artists have been paired with engineers and scientists for a group exhibition entitled ‘Meitheal’. Over 30 events, including workshops and performances, are planned over the weekends at eight venues which include The Vault, known locally as the Old Bank at George’s Square and The Boathouse, under the viaduct at Quay Street.

Other venues include The Window at 4 Dublin Street, formerly Vision Radio; The Our Balbriggan Hub at George’s Square, The Warehouse on Vauxhall Street, Molly’s Coffee Gallery,  The Central on Bridge Street and the Irish Institute of Music and Song centre on Church Street.

Featured artists include the locally-based Thomas Brezing, Leia Mocan, Murielle Celis, Antonio D’Souza and many others. Exhibits, performances and film screenings will be held across the town featuring nationally recognised artists including Noelle Gallagher and documentary filmmaker John O’Rourke. 

Antonio D’Souza is a visual artist who creates art from reclaimed car parts.
Picture Fintan Clarke.

Events will be  curated and coordinated by Italian art historian and visual arts curator Valeria Ceregini and the Scéal Arts Collective (funding from the Arts Council, Creative Ireland and FCC).

On Culture Night, Friday, September 22, the IIMS will host a musical walking tour; The Warehouse will be the venue for art exhibitions, workshops and the Scéal sessions, to complement other activities (in eight venues) over the evening.

See and Our Balbriggan social media channels for further information. Two great weekends coming up in Balbriggan with the How It’s Made Festival, not to be missed.

Featured Image Murielle CelisPhotographer Fintan Clarke

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