Ireland’s first IVF art collection

by Rachel Cunningham
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Ireland’s first IVF art collection has been unveiled in Dublin this week. The 14-piece collection was created by Irish artist Laura Steerman of QuaintBaby Art to portray the process of embryo development, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Patients and members of the public were invited to contribute to the artwork by sharing their experiences of fertility treatment and suggesting a colour that best represented their experience. Sims IVF commissioned the series of paintings to offer a sense of hope for visiting patients and to provide an opportunity for them to open up about their journey through the medium of art.

“I began painting baby ultrasounds to colourfully convey the patient’s story behind each blurry black and white photo, before moving into embryoscope images with fertility patients. Like ultrasound photos, there is so much more to embryoscope images than might meet the eye, as every painting captures the emotions, experiences, hope and energy in all the fascinating shapes and details. 

Launching the series of paintings is artist Laura Steerman with nurses Ileona David and Deirdre Rankaun, Sims IVF.
Photo: Fennell Photography

“I feel very honoured to create paintings for fertility patients worldwide, to better understand the IVF process, their journey and how this unique tailored artform can support them. I wanted to link the fertilisation process made visible to the human eye by technology and science with this symbolism, imagery and of course, brought to life in colour on a canvas. Ultimately the paintings themselves will inspire hope and positivity to all who view the artworks in the Sims IVF clinic – whether it may be as visitors for a first consultation, patients undergoing any stage of IVF treatment or patients coming back for early ultrasounds after a positive pregnancy test”, Laura Steerman explained.

Ireland’s first IVF art collection was unveiled in Dublin this week.

Laura added: “This project with Sims IVF really resonated with me because as someone passionate about maternal mental health and wellbeing, I am fascinated by art as a form of therapy in alleviating anxiety and promoting healing. The journey to parenthood can be a testing time emotionally physically and mentally. From my own experience it is good to reach out, talk and you will find a village of support. By involving patients in the development of the collection, we wanted to encourage people to talk and share their experience.”

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