Working away as a top social media darling

by Emma Nolan

 emma nolan

DUBLIN’S social media darling James Kavanagh took a break from Snappchatting to talk to The Gazette about a typical day in his not so typical life.
Having made his way onto the phone screens of the nation through mainly Snapchat, but also through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Kavanagh has managed to charm the pants of his followers with his hilarious and frank commentary on life.
Through the various tropes he has created, such as Scaring William (his easily frightened boyfriend, William Murray), his Snapchat (Jameskava) has become essential viewing as he delivers an all-hours comedy show through a new medium.
As for a day in his life, to start his day he usually “scares William first thing”, before making a healthy concoction in his Nutri Bullet blender. “I’m mad for the Nutri Bullet,” he laughs.
Kavanagh’s days differ wildly on a day to day basis since he left his job as a PR manager in February to focus on creating a food brand – Currabinny – with his boyfriend, William.
He tells The Gazette that they are going to start by opening stalls at various markets around Dublin with the goal of eventually opening their own cafe.
“The brand is called Currabinny,” he says. “That’s where William is from in Cork; it’s a tiny, idyllic village and they have a great tradition there of fishing and growing and cooking their own food, which is where William found his love of food – it’s such a gorgeous place.”
Ballymaloe-trained William’s delicacies are well documented on Snapchat to give future customers an insight into what they can expect from the couple’s latest foodie endeavour.
Their first stall will be at the Teelings Whisky Market in Newmarket Square Dublin 8 on March 19.
At the moment, Kavanagh’s days are filled with research, meeting with producers and suppliers, getting people on board and everything it takes to start a new business.
“Well, I still need to pay the bills in the meantime, so I’m involved in a number of campaigns as a result of my Snapchat following. I’ll be presenting the OMGAs – the Online Media Greatness Awards – in the next few weeks.”
Kavanagh’s droll musings on anything that’s “diviinnnnee” or “goooorge” have been entertaining Dublin and beyond for best part of a year, and it looks like it’s set to continue.

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