Work, rest … and work for TV3 presenter

by Ian Begley
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TACKLING the affairs of the nation and putting the fear of God into politicians on a nightly basis, Vincent Browne is certainly best known for his hard-hitting, no-nonsense persona.

But most people have very little knowledge of the TV pundit’s real life.
This week The Gazette caught up with Browne to ask him exactly what he does from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.
“The time I get up at depends really. I often wake up at around 9.10am and would eat my breakfast of Oatabix, tea and bread while listening to Morning Ireland on RTE radio 1.
“I do a lot of my work from home and am currently involved in a new project that I’m working on. I work on that for about three hours until about one o’clock and then take some time off to have my lunch.
“I then try and do nothing else until I start preparing for my programme and I like to walk along the pier in Dun Laoghaire as often as I can.
“I try to have a bit of a snooze in the evenings and then watch the RTE 6 news and record it so I can rewind it and watch all the bits I missed. After that I would have my dinner then drive to TV3. It takes me about 20 minutes to get into work and I don’t get back until about 1.20am.”
Gearing up for his new “on the road” People’s Debate, Browne spends a lot of his time prepping and gearing up for the politically based show.
“We’re going to visit all 40 constituencies before the next General Election which is expected to be in early 2016.
“We’re going to record a people’s debate with the TDs and candidates in each of these constituencies and will broadcast them on Wednesday nights. It’s never been done before and we’ll be discussing national issues.
“When I get home I’m wide awake and would usually watch Sky News and read a bit before I go to bed at about 2.30 or 3am – I need seven hours of sleep and on Fridays I like to have a few pints which is my big unwind.”
Asked if he has any interest in mainstream entertainment, Browne replied: “My daughter has introduced me to Netflix recently and I’ve been watching House of Cards which I think is really fantastic.”
The new “on the road” People’s Debate will air on TV3 every Wednesday starting with Wicklow (The Grand Hotel) on Wednesday, January, 14.

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