Welcome to Yaughton

by Shane Dillon
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THE Chinese Room’s PlayStation 4 exclusive, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (EGTTR), was released recently to international critical acclaim – and a little derision, too.
Set in the mid-1980s in a small English village, birds sing in the trees, the sun shines brightly, flowers nod in the wind – and everybody, everywhere is gone, not just from Yaughton, but from the entire world, it seems.
Criticised by a few detractors as a glorified “walk-em-up”, you wander around deserted Yaughton, exploring its homes and businesses, and seeing signs of abruptly stopped human activity – but nobody is left to tell you what happened.
Well, almost nobody.
As you explore, mysterious darting golden balls and spirals of light occasionally lead you to key places and moments in the village’s recent past, briefly giving glimpses of the missing locals, several of whom you come to know well as you eavesdrop on snatches of their conversation from their final hours.
By hearing and observing these ordinary people facing increasingly extraordinary events, the game slowly draws the gamer into a world full of all kinds of emotion and reactions as you piece together what happened.
Here, you can see a little of Yaughton’s preserved prettiness, with the village representing one of the best-looking locales in all of gaming.

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