Speaking on sustainable energy for the village, Cllr William Lavelle (FG) said: “Historically, there was previously a hydroelectric generator at Lucan Weir”

LUCAN could be home to a hydroelectric facility, that would promote Lucan as a Green and sustainable village, if new plans can be realised.
As part of the ongoing work programme and preparations of a Lucan Village Plan, the Lucan Village Network has discussed the potential of establishing a Lucan Village sustainable energy project, involving an upgrade of public lighting in the village, to be powered by hydroelectricity generated at Lucan Weir on the Liffey.
At a council meeting last week, South Dublin County Council (SDCC) agreed to prepare a feasibility study, which will investigate whether Lucan would be suitable under the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).
In February, SDCC launched the South Dublin SEAP, which sets out how South Dublin County can take the lead in addressing EU and national energy reduction targets to 2020.
One of the objectives of the draft plan relates to feasibility projects to assess large-scale renewable and low carbon technologies/strategies.
This action includes a commitment to “desktop studies on the use of hydro-based energy production on the River Dodder and River Liffey”.
A council report said: “In 2012, the council’s energy team received a presentation on the archimedean screw hydro turbine.
“The council intends to commission a feasibility study into hydro-based energy production in South Dublin County in the coming months, with the support of [the] Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.”
Councillor William Lavelle (FG), who raised the question, said that the proposal could bring benefit to Lucan.
He said: “This proposal could bring significant benefits in promoting Lucan as a Green and sustainable village, as well as potentially becoming an income-generator, as excess power could be sold back to the national grid.
“Such a development could be developed in an absolutely non-intrusive manner, with no impact on either the visual integrity or biodiversity of the Lucan Weir area, which remains one of Lucan’s greatest treasures.
“Indeed, historically, there was previously a hydroelectric generator at Lucan Weir,” said Cllr Lavelle.