Water motion quells demos

by Gazette Reporter
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A MOTION calling for the abolition of Irish Water, which was on the Fingal County Council agenda for seven months, was finally discussed and passed at a recent council meeting.
Protesters said they will now give up their protest at council meetings.
The motion, tabled by Cllr Philip Lynam (SF), was passed by 22 votes to 13, with five councillors absent during the vote.
The motion was held up as the council was having difficulty discussing all of the orders of business and presentations in order to get through motions.
This caused considerable frustration for a number of anti-water charge groups who have been protesting outside County Hall in Swords during the meetings.
This frustration led to a number of incidents, including protesters blocking councillors in the office car park for around 90 minutes in February, and a protester receiving lacerations to her head from glass from a door which was shattered during a scuffle with gardai.
Cllr Lynam said: “We were a long time waiting on this very serious motion supporting the abolishment of Irish Water in its entirety to be heard.
“This motion has been on the council agenda for seven months. I was glad to have the chance to speak on it.”
He said that he tabled the motion on behalf of constituents who have come to his clinics and are in “dire financial difficulty” and at a loss to how they will afford to pay their water bills.
He went on to say that these people already struggle to pay their local property tax, household charge, mortgage, children’s education, rent, shopping, fuel, and lunches.
He said: “The situation is so bad, their main question to me is: ‘Which bill should I ignore in order to be able to afford this charge?’ It’s become that bad.”
One of the main groups protesting during the meetings was Balbriggan And Surrounding Areas Against Water Charges.
Speaking to The Gazette, a spokesperson for the group said that they are happy that the motion was finally discussed and passed, and do not plan to protest outside the meetings anymore.
The spokesperson added: “We’ve no reason to protest at this stage; we went up for the motion to be heard, and it’s finally been heard.”

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