Warning as bike thefts surge

by Gazette Reporter

Local gardai are urging cyclists to register their bicycles and be extra careful when locking up following a number of pedal cycle thefts in the area.
According to Coolock gardai, since the beginning of the year, there have been 82 thefts of pedal cycles in the Coolock, Swords and Malahide areas with 70% of the thefts occurring between May and August.
As the year progresses, gardai say bike theft is  “highly seasonal” with crimes increasing as the year progresses towards October.
“Bicycles are most often stolen in between 3pm and 11pm, and are most commonly stolen after being left unattended in driveways,” a senior garda explained.
Offering advice to locals about keeping their bike safe, the garda said: “Keep your bicycle in a secure location; avoid leaving bicycles, even for periods unattended in driveways, etc. Use a good quality lock and always secure your bike to an immovable object, ensuring the frame and wheels are locked.
“Keep a written record of the make, model and frame number. Take and store a coloured photograph of the bicycle.
“For enhanced securities mark your bicycle in at least two separate places, clearly visible and not capable of being removed. Consider placing a sticker warning that your bicycle is security marked,” the garda added.
The Community Police Unit at Coolock Garda Station has recently launched a bicycle registration scheme in which bicycles are recorded and put on a register for cross reference should they ever be stolen.
“This initiative records a detailed description of pedal cycles including a photograph. It greatly assists with the identification of pedal cycles that are stolen. All pedal cycle owners are invited to contact the Community Police Unit at 6664220 or email [email protected]  to arrange for the registration of their pedal cycles,” the garda continued.
Local councillor Anthony Lavin (FG) said it is worthwhile for residents to register their bikes.
“For the effort that is involved, it isn’t much, I would recommend that everyone would take note of their bike’s serial number so the gardai can record it and take a photo of it.
“A lot of people are investing a lot of money into the cycle to work scheme and they are acquiring very expensive bikes but unfortunately they are not spending the same portion on good locks.
“If you are spending €1,000 on a bicycle and only spending a tenner on a lock, that is just a bit foolish. I think the message is to encourage people to buy a decent lock, particularly if you have a decent bike.
“I really support this and would ask people to get involved and give gardai the information that is needed. I think it helps when gardai recover bicycles – it is easier for them to establish who owns them and get them back to the owners,” he added.
For further information on bicycle security visit www.garda.ie.

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