Volkswagen’s Sixth generation bigger Polo is on the way

by Michael Moroney
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Volkswagen Polo has a new sixth generation car on the way, following the model success which has clocked up more than 14 million units sold. One of the world’s best selling compact cars is undergoing an entirely new exterior design change.
The new model will have a longer wheelbase for more comfort, and more interior space as well as a bigger and 25% bigger boot. The interior will be more spacious and comes with a new cockpit layout structured for the digital world. The car will be offered with front assist, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and LED headlights like in the Golf class.
There will be a choice of efficient TSI (petrol), TGI (natural gas) and TDI (diesel) engines in the new Polo. The car will be offered with an array of assistance systems which previously was only familiar in larger Volkswagen cars.

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