Valentine’s Day big date for Ormond

by Gazette Reporter

STEPHEN Ormond is looking forward to Valentine’s Day following confirmation that his WBO European title defence will take place in Wolverhampton on that date against Terry Flanagan.

The pair were due to meet in December before the Clondalkin fighter fell foul of a virus.

But Ormond says that it may work in his favour with a six-week training camp ideal for helping him build toward the event which could lead to a world title bout.

The Rock, who trains in the Celtic Warrior gym in Corduff, has not been in action since April of last year when he defended his title against Frenchman Karim El Ouazghari and so is raring for this long-awaited bout with the unbeaten Flanagan to go ahead.

“I had to pull out because I was sick but it might work out better. I trained so hard for the first date but these things happen. It is great now at the start of the New Year to have a date so soon,” he told the website.

“Six weeks’ preparation and I am raring to go. Last Monday was the first day in training camp and we were straight into sparring.”

Ormond is a fighter who likes to train every day no matter whether there is a bout in the offing or not. But his lack of contests in recent times has left him frustrated as he looks to build on an excellent 2013 that eventually saw him land a WBO European boxer of the year gong.

It put him in the frame for a world title although getting to that stage has proven a winding road but he now has full focus on this next big date.

“I am feeling hungry and am mad for the fight. I have genuine respect for Flanagan but he is in my way and I have to get him out of the way. I am one fight away from a world title shot so this is a big fight for me.

“I just want to get in there and enjoy it. I haven’t fought in ages so I am itching for it and ready to rumble. I don’t care if it’s in a back garden or out there in the car park. That’s the way I feel at the moment.”

While that world title bout does remain tantalisingly close, 31-year-old Ormond is keen that he does not get too far ahead of himself but insists there is plenty still to come from him.

“I am not going to look past Flanagan. February 14 is my night and I hope to do the business. Every fight is your last fight if you know what I mean so I just focus on that date and then go from there. I am always saying it is now or never for me but I do feel there is a lot to go for me. I haven’t had that many fights with all the delays.

“I have only had 18 or 19 fights. For my age, people can have twice as many. I am always training and so we will see what happens.”

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