Up for the big match

by Gazette Reporter

WORKING as the current Sky Sports GAA presenter, Rachel Wyse is a busy woman. She took time out this week to talk the Gazette to tell us about a typical day for her on a match day.
“On programme day which is every Saturday, I fly from London the night before and stay in a hotel somewhere around Ireland. So usually every Saturday morning at about 7am I wake up in a hotel and myself and the Sky Sports team will go down for breakfast. I work with such a lovely team so it’s always a great day.”
After breakfast at around 8.30/9am, Rachel then tries to take some time for herself and visit some local scenery depending on what county she is visiting.
“I try as much as possible wherever I am around the country to go and see something because I usually get an hour or two of down time. Last Saturday I went to Lough Erne to chill out and I went for a nice little walk.
“We spend so much time travelling that I never get to see places as much so this year I said if I have a little bit of down time I’ll go off and see the sights. I’m good friends with my director so we’ll usually hop in the car and head off somewhere to see something nice.”
Rachel then heads for the GAA grounds for 1pm where she meets the panel of experts that will analyse the game with her.
“For the outside broadcast each week we have a fleet of massive trucks that hold the viewing gallery for the director and producer.
“We’ll all sit down in the trucks and have a meeting where we go through everything that’s coming up in the show and then we’ll go into the travelling studio and do rehearsals. There’s five of us in the studio in total.”
Once the meeting is over, Rachel then heads into hair and make-up which takes roughly 30 to 40 minutes.
“We then do one final run through and then at about 4pm we do a live cross to Sky Sports News with our two guests and we preview what’s coming up on the show. We then have a little bit of down time to go over our own notes for the show and then at about 6.30pm we go right through to 9pm when we come off air.”
Rachel is finished her work day at 9pm and then does a de-brief of the show with her team.
“The producer always has a chat with me after the programme airs and then it’s straight back in the car and back to Dublin Airport.”
Rachel stays overnight in the hotel at Dublin airport and then flies back to London the next morning.
She is currently back in Dublin to launch the Make My Magnum pop-up store in Arnotts which gives people the chance to make their own bespoke Magnum ice-creams with a range of toppings.
The Make My Magnum pop-up store is open in Arnotts from now until the 23 August 2015.

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