Unhealthy lifestyle gets the boot

by Emma Nolan

EVER wanted to leave the world behind and embark on a detox amid the serene backdrop of rural Ireland?
That dream has been made a reality by fitness guru Kathryn Thomas and her Pure Results Bootcamp which she describes as “summer camp for adults”.
Kathryn spoke to The Gazette about a day in her life at Pure Results Bootcamp where guests spend either four days or a week in the idyllic 500 acre surrounds of Parknasilla in Kerry, on a strict exercise and diet detox programme.
“A lot of the guests can’t remember the last time they spent so much time outdoors,” she says.
“It’s an early start – generally we have clients getting up at about 6:30am.”
Kathryn and her team have arranged the daily exercises classes so that upon waking guests partake in some low intensity exercise, to “wake the body up”.
“The morning exercise session is usually some aqua aerobics or a light jog that we call our Kenyan run.
“This was devised by an Irish Brother who trained a lot of marathon runners in Kenya and his philosophy is that it’s better to wake the body up slowly.”
The camp is also opening a second and more accessible location at the Temple Lodge Hotel in Westmeath this year.
Breakfast is served at 7am where it’s either a green smoothie and protein balls or scrambled eggs depending on what exercise class is coming up.
“We try to keep it varied, so there’s a different breakfast every day.”
After breakfast, there are two high intensity classes.
“We could have anything from circuits to boxercise or an assault course.
“The classes are all designed so everybody works outside their own comfort zone.”
Guests at Pure Results range in age up to age 70 and are all levels of fitness.
“It’s up to the trainer to push them,” Kathryn says. “Everybody can work out together.”
After the two hours of intense training, it’s time for lunch. Lunch and dinner at Pure Results often consist of items like poached salmon with Asian greens, turkey burgers with homemade slaw and a lot of fresh fish from local suppliers.
Those wanting to lose weight are served smaller portions than those maintaining their weight.
Day trips are also on the boot camp itinerary with a day and a half off site within the week programme.
Evening classes usually consist of yoga, body balance and, once that’s done, guests can enjoy their evening in the hotel’s spa facilities.
“We also do evening kayaking out on the water in front of the hotel.
“Most people are in bed for around nine o’clock,” she says.
“Our clients say that they sleep so well because they don’t really have to think about anything. They arrive down and leave their brain at the door and are told where to go and what to do and eat.
“People think ‘oh my God, boot camp is so intense’ and it is, the classes can be intense when you’re in them but it’s also a really good holiday and a great time to feel re-energised and eat good food, completely detox and sleep.
“It’s about investing in and giving time back to yourself.”
Four days at Pure Results Bootcamp starts at €499 and a week starts at €999 with two weeks after care. Find out more at pureresultsbootcamp.com.

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