Two local clubs get dressing room facility

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Rangers FC

TWO local sports clubs, St Finian’s GAA and River Valley Rangers FC, are set to benefit from a brand new dressing room facility at the Ridgewood estate in Swords in the coming weeks, according to local Councillor, Darragh Butler (FF).

“I am delighted that the new Ridgewood dressing room facility will very shortly be made available to St Finian’s GAA and River Valley Rangers Football Club, as the two local clubs have served this community so well since the 1980s,” Cllr Butler said.

“With the full-size GAA pitch at this location and two mini-soccer and two mini GAA pitches, in addition to the two mini Rathingle soccer pitches that opened last year, it is great that these additional resources have been made available to meet the requirements of these two great clubs and their members.”

According to Cllr Butler, it is hoped the new dressing rooms will be ready for use by the local clubs within the next couple of weeks.

“I think they will be [ready] very soon and I’d be hopeful that it will be just a matter of weeks. I’d be surprised if it took longer than that,” he said.

The facility at Ridgewood, which was handed over to Fingal County Council from the developers in August, has yet to be completed.

According to the council, minor snagging, painting of anti-graffiti coating, water connection works and various anti-vandalism protections are all currently being addressed.

The council confirmed that a meeting was recently held with representatives of both clubs regarding the allocation process and matters of utility bills, insurance, maintenance and repairs of the building.

From the meeting, it emerged that an agreement between the two clubs and FCC will be drafted.

When the building is complete and the agreement is in place, the facility will be allocated. While Cllr Butler was “delighted” by the good news, concerns still remain for other clubs in Swords without adequate facilities.

“Both clubs are happy with the facilities they have but there are a lot of clubs around Swords, of all sporting codes, looking for additional resources and facilities, and I continue to make this issue one of my top priorities as a councillor.”

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