Turrets, towers and minarets point to a relaxing game

by Shane Dillon
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THIS rather brief new game is a curio, but a beautiful one at that.
Monument Valley (€3.59, for IOS 6 or above, iPhone and iPad-compatible) requires you to guide a princess to the exit by traversing the structures in the levels, many of which have a distinct MC Escher feeling to them. Ida may find herself walking up walls, across ceilings and down impossible stairways to reach her goal, by sliding the scenery apart, or rotating the level to create the visual illusion of traversable walkways – which then, impossibly, become traversable.
By swiping across the screen, the valley’s buildings becomes like an elaborate music box, with the delicate soundtrack adding to the mood.
Level 8, in particular, expands on this theme, as the simple turreted music box at the start of the level unfolds, origami-style, into a complex, impossibly-sized structure.
So, for those looking for a game that isn’t state-of-the-art in any department, but is more than the sum of its parts, Monument Valley is well worth visiting at your leisure.

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