Train trial puts tourism idea on right track

by Gazette Reporter
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A new tourism project has shown it’s on the right track after a successful trial was held recently in Malahide.
The Malahide Road Train is a brand new concept that will take visitors from Malahide Castle and through the local village.
The train will be run by an experienced transport operator and guide, Michael Place, who says he hopes the new tourism initiative will benefit the whole community.
“This is encouraging sending tourists – both foreign and domestic – to have a look at Malahide once more. I want people to come and have a look, we’re going to extraordinary lengths to make Malahide even more special than it is,” he said.
Michael came up with the idea after he saw a similar train during a family holiday in Florida.
“It was old-style charm, it was very classy with whistle-blowing and I felt it would be lovely in Malahide,” he said. “My daughters Mia and Erin were really the main inspiration behind the idea.”
After researching different train models, Michael pushed forward with his idea and said he received “great support” from Irish Rail and local community groups. He held the first trial for the road train on Friday last, May 3 and says he hopes to officially launch the train on the weekend of May 24.
“The trial worked remarkably well. I would love to launch it on May 24 and the people of Malahide would love that as well. It would be fantastic,” he said.
The train will have two carriages with 18 seats in each including one with wheelchair access. The route will take its passengers from Malahide Castle, through Malahide Village and back to the castle and will operate 9.30am-4.30pm midweek, and 9am-6pm at weekends.
At the road trial was Cllr Eoghan O’Brien (FF) who says he looks forward to seeing the train up and running.
“There’s a lot of traffic going into the castle and Avoca and it would really help link up the castle to the village. There would be huge benefits for the business and tourism in Malahide village itself,” he added.

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