Train linking Swords to Malahide proposed

by Gazette Reporter
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The local towns of Malahide and Swords could be set to benefit from a new tourist initiative next year.
Following the success of Toots: The Malahide Road Train, which was launched earlier this year, a new electric train could be on the cards. The train would travel between both Malahide and Swords, linking the two towns together.
The train would be aimed at transporting tourists between the two north Dublin towns and could be set to increase the level of tourists visiting the north side of Dublin.
The proposed tourism initiative is being proposed by local Swords resident Michael Place, who first introduced Toots: The Malahide Road Train to north Dublin in June 2013.
A spokesperson from Fingal County Council said they have yet to be approached about the plan.
Speaking to the Gazette, Michael says he has high hopes for his newest venture, the Toots “E” train.
“Toots E will be a brand new, electric and modern train which would take people between Malahide and Swords,” he said.
“The whole idea of Toots was that it was an affordable day out for families and I want it to be a similar idea for the electric train.
“There are many expensive activities for people out there nowadays and to have something that would be only a few euro for a trip on the train would be great for local families as well as those visiting the area. I believe in doing things cheaply and economically.”
When the Metro North project was shelved, Michael said he saw the niche for a train between the two towns straight away and made the decision to go for it.
“The train would just have one or two stops in Malahide when it is coming from Swords and it is hoped that it would travel alongside the road by the Estuary. It would be a great way of selling both towns.”
While promoting north Dublin as a tourist destination is one of the main aims of launching the new train, Michael says he also hopes to bring Swords closer to Malahide.
“Will it work? You better believe it,” he said.
“I hope to have a trial period during the summer; it would last three months and would begin in June. Then I’d let the people assess the impact,” he explained.
In recent weeks, a presentation of the proposed train and its route was made to the chief executive of the Fingal Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Tony Lambert.
Speaking to the Gazette following the presentation, Tony has said he is very keen to see the project advance to further stages.
“In January, I will be looking to have a special presentation made to the local business people in Swords, to show them that it would be an encouraging project and would encourage new business for tourism in the area,” he said.
Lambert said he believes the project would be beneficial to both Swords and Malahide and would succeed in bringing the two towns closer together.
“It is a great idea and it would connect Swords and Malahide on a tourist trail. It would link Malahide Castle to Swords Castle, and it would also incorporate other tourist attractions including the round tower in Swords.
“The Fingal Dublin Chamber is very excited about the idea and we will want to see it succeed,” Tony said.

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