Tower’s target five years’ progress

by Gazette Reporter

ROUND Tower club chairman Tony Delaney believes the club’s new five-year strategic plan, launched this week, will provide the club with the key tools to “grow and fulfil potential in key areas”.

Speaking at the launch of their ambitious plan, Delaney said he is hoping everyone from the club and the community will now get behind the project and help develop the club.

Following discussions with key stakeholders within the club, Croke Park and in local schools, they formulated the plan which focuses on fives areas: coaching and games development; club structures and administration; finance and fundraising; communication/PR and culture.

And Delaney is now looking forward to bringing the plan to fruition: “As a club, we want to attract the maximum number of youngsters to play our games, make it a safe and enjoyable experience and create an environment where they can be ambitious to compete at the highest possible levels.

“This plan will give a framework to grow and develop our club and provide a roadmap as to where we want this club to be in five years, but like any plan it needs to be implemented and critically assessed to measure any success or failings.

“It is a plan for the members by the members and key to its success will be the willingness for people to take ownership and responsibility. On that note I appeal to all members to volunteer their time and expertise to enable us drive our club to another level.”

Club vice-chairman Niall Connaughton, meanwhile, said that the plan is a deliberately ambitious one and is set to augment to completion of the club’s new facilities.

Their Monastery Road home has been transformed to a high quality complex in the past year while interest in Gaelic Games has peaked in recent weeks.

“With the official opening of Monastery Road and the magnificent turn-out of the community to mark Jim Gavin’s success with the Dublin football team are two landmark occasions.

“This plan has the potential to be yet another very significant milestone in 2013 for our club and Gaelic Games in Clondalkin.

“We have brilliant members who give fantastic commitment and service. This blueprint provides an excellent opportunity to utilise the strengths and expertise of our membership. Goals within the plan will promote the club to a wider audience in the local community, from juveniles to adults.”

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