This boy is cracking up

by Staff Reporter

Good news for Thin Lizzy fanatics: the boy will be back in town soon, and not before time.

The bronze statue of Phil Lynott is due back in its rightful place in Dublin City Centre in the coming weeks. Thousands of euro worth of damage was done to the life-size figure when it was knocked over at the beginning of May.

Two people were questioned and then released by gardai after coming forward, and there’s been a noticeable empty space where the Lizzy legend once stood outside Bruxelle’s on Harry Street, just off Grafton Street, ever since.

While many music fans were angered by the cracking of the iconic statue, many did crack a smile at what was left in its place while repairs have been carried out.

A poster stating: “The Boy is Out of Town. Philo’s Gone on Holidays with his Mum. Back Soon” has been informing fans, tourists and passers-by of the whereabouts of the Dublin landmark since the incident happened.

The repairs, believed to be costing about €4,000, are being paid for by a mystery donor, while fans are being reassured the effigy will be better secured in its place this time around.

The life-size figure of six-foot-tall Philo, dressed in a flowing coat and leaning on a guitar, is a mecca for fans, especially around Phil Lynott’s birthday in August and the anniversary of his untimely death in January.

It’s expected the return of the mighty bronze will be cause for another celebration in the city next month,  and rightly so.

Let’s just hope we don’t see this boy cracking up or broke down again.

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