No such thing as an average day for Barry

by Ian Begley

Irish hypnotist, mentalist and actor Keith Barry has a career that’s certainly unconventional to say the least.

Amazing his audiences around the world with various illusions and mental feats has given him a reputation that makes him stand out among the many others who have attempted to mirror his craft.
This week, The Gazette caught up with the 38- year-old Waterford native to see what his day-to-day life entails.
“There is no such thing as an average day for me. Recently for over the past four months, I would get up every day at 6am while working on the second season of Now You See Me in London and wouldn’t get home until midnight.
“At the moment, I get up at 8am and for breakfast I’d usually have steak and eggs because I’m currently working out a lot.
“I train a lot in town and have got a personal trainer who pushes me to the limit and knocks the shit out of me, to be honest.
“I change my training style depending on what stunts I do. Before Christmas, I was performing at the Waterford Christmas festival where I did a 100ft suspended straightjacket so I had to build up my back strength and increase my lung capacity.
“In the States, I did a stunt where I got tased and had 50,000 volts going through my system. I had a whole concept of challenging a cop where I said that I could hack into his brain while tasing me at the same time. He thought of a word and I had to think of what it was while being shot with 50,000 volts.”
When he’s not performing life endangering stunts or hacking into people’s minds, Barry said that fishing is a huge hobby of his.
“Next week, I’ll be fishing in the River Lee in Cork and, during the summer, I’ve got a charter boat booked at Ross’ Point in Sligo, which I’m really looking forward to.
“I’m also a huge bookworm. When I get home I love to indulge in psychology, hypnosis and magic books. Often I’d go on Amazon and buy about 30 books at a time.
“To unwind in the evenings and when I want some downtime I like to sit down with the wife and watch shows on Netflix like Breaking Bad or The Shield.
“I’m not a big sleeper and wouldn’t get to bed until around 2am even when I have to be up bright and early the next day.”
Barry’s new live show Out of Control will take place around Ireland this October with tickets starting at €30.
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