The sport of keeping your skin in top shape

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We would be doing something very wrong if we didn’t sweat just a little during our workout. But exercise induced sweat can clog the skin with impurities, so for this the team at Buff Spa have a Spa Custom Facial which includes skin analysis, deep cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, massage and customised face masque. Ridding the skin of impurities, this deep cleanse facial can help restore skin to radiance.

Those who run or do other types of cardio will notice that the back is prone to excess perspiration, which means the back can get clogged with spots. With this in mind, there is a Dermalogica Beautiful Back that is essentially a Dermalogica facial performed on the back to help keep it looking clean and clear.

This combines a deep cleansing action, deep exfoliation with a 15- minute back massage to relax your muscles and re-energise your body.

Across the ocean, in Brazil, it’s usual for footballers to wax their legs in order to prevent infections while injured, and its spreading to Europe. We all know swimming and triathlon entrants will smooth their skin so they can win medals.

Cyclists also wax their arms and legs because of the frequency of accidents during training and competition. Injuries can become infected and inflamed due to road dirt and hair. Removal of hair from arms and legs reduces these risks. A full leg wax costs €45. An underarm wax costs €25.

The full package for a spa custom facial, a Dermalogica beautiful back, a full leg wax costs €145 (regular price is €189)

The Buff Day Spa is now also offering sports massage for only €75 for a session.

The Buff Day Spa, 52 South King Street, Dublin 2. For further information call: 01-677 4624 or see

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