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SET close to Grafton St, YO! Sushi has been a perennial on the restaurant scene in Dublin, and it’s a great place to pop in for a quick bite.
I used to be a massive sushi fan – in my late 20s I made it my business to dine out on the stuff at least once a week. But it sort of lost its appeal; I think I overdid it once or twice and haven’t really craved sushi in a long time.
So, when I heard YO! Sushi was launching a new menu recently, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to see if I can rekindle my love for the Japanese dish.
The new menu includes old favourites such as chicken yakitori, as well as new additions including popcorn shrimp tempura, beef tsukune, salmon and yuzu salsa tataki, chocolate dorayaki and banana and chocolate harumaki.
Devised by group executive chef Mike Lewis, the new YO! Sushi menu brings together flavours of amazing street food in Tokyo, along with lots of great regional dishes.
For those of you who don’t know the brief with YO! Sushi, there is a conveyor belt with lots of small plates containing everything from norimaki to sashimi to wasabi peas.

It’s a bit like The Generation Game, but instead of remembering everything you see, you eat everything you see! Sit in the booths or on high stools and pick your dinner up as it passes.
I brought my two-year-old along and he almost hyperventilated with the excitement. Granted, he didn’t go in much for the sushi, but he did like the fruit plates, the miso soup and the rice, as well as all the chocolate treats they have on there too.
For those of you who find this a bit too harebrained, you can order hot dishes from the menu, too, but that just takes away from the experience, in my opinion; although we did mix it up a little and selected from both.
This is a great place to bring kids as they get to eat with their eyes as well as their mouths, and small plates make it easy to eat fast and run.
We did so, as our darling son, who had behaved impeccably up to this point, decided the conveyor belt would be a great place to send his toy cars and trucks for a little ride.
Now that’s something the other diners certainly didn’t expect to pick up in a sushi bar.
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