The Picky Eater

by Gazette Reporter

PICKY did a very quick lunch in Avenue by Nick Munier, he of Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen fame. He also used to run Pichet, but has branched out on his own, with this little French eaterie.
This was as part of a media lunch, so not all of these dishes may feature on the menu, but it gave me a flavour of the restaurant’s style.
I went for the foie gras with brioche, which was a light and elegant dish, while my colleague tried the mozzarella and tomato soup – a delicious dish, and these two ingredients, as we all know, marry very well together, and they eloped in this dish.
The tortellini with spinach and mushroom was almost like a deconstructed dish, with all the elements plain to see, and was not the rich, hearty dish I was expecting – but it was better, as it was light for summer and I came away feeling not so full.
My colleague went for the chicken with cassoulet – again, summer on a plate, even though I would normally associate cassoulet with winter.
All dishes were attractively presented and the dining experience is very nice overall, with lots of subway tiles in soft pastels of blue/green.
We dined in Eclair DeLuxe, Munier’s upstairs seating area, or all-day casual dining experience.
I will definitely be back to sample more of what Munier has on offer.

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