TD seeks action on cemetery dumping

by Gazette Reporter
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A Labour TD for Dublin North East has this week condemned the dumping of household litter at Balgriffin Cemetery on the Malahide Road.
Sean Kenny TD said he deplored the dumping of household waste at the local cemetery earlier this week. He is calling on Fingal County Council to take immediate action.
“Constituents have contacted me expressing their concern at the incredible amount, and type, of dumping taking place at the old Balgriffin cemetery, which has been occurring on and off for the past two years,” he said.
“I have called on Fingal County Council to take immediate action to remove the dumped litter and to install CCTV cameras to catch the culprits.”
Deputy Kenny raised the issue following a number of queries he received from concerned local residents living in the nearby area and those visiting the cemetery.
One such resident referred to the dumping as a “truly appalling situation” in a letter he recently wrote to Deputy Kenny.
The resident wrote: “Both the amount and type of litter dumped is incredible and to my mind equates to at least two full council truck loads.”
The resident also stated that used syringes were to be found amongst the rubbish piles. Pictures taken by the resident include evidence of used-syringes, alongside empty alcohol containers and cardboard boxes.
“The really sad thing about all of this is that this problem has pre-existed for the past two or three years now and is rapidly deteriorating,” the resident added.
In response to Deputy Kenny’s concerns, a spokesperson for Fingal County Council said that the site where the illegal littering is taking place “appears to be on private property”.
“In such circumstances our litter wardens would contact the landowner and advise them of the situation,” the spokesperson said.

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