Taxi drivers fears over NCT centres mishap

by Rachel Darcy

Some taxi drivers are set to be impacted by current lift issues at NCT centres, as the National Transport Authority have said they cannot ‘lawfully issue’ licences to drivers without an NCT.

Taxi drivers seeking to renew their licences need to have their car tested as part of the process.

However, the use of scissor lifts at NCT centres across the country has been temporarily suspended ‘until a full condition survey of all lifts is completed’, meaning some aspects of NCT testing cannot be completed.

Approximately 100 vehicles across the country may be impacted by the issues over the next fortnight. The NTA have said that, lawfully, they will not be able to issue new taxi licences to drivers who do not have a valid NCT.

In a statement to RTE, a spokesperson for the NTA said: “NTA is not lawfully in a position to grant a vehicle licence without proof of a valid NCT Certificate dated within 90 days of inspection.

“RSA and National Car Testing Service have advised NTA that all vehicle owners should continue to book and attend at their NCT as normal. The test will be completed with the temporary omission of the underbody inspection, which will be conducted at a later time when the lifts are returned to use.”

In a statement issued by the NCTS last Friday, they said that they are urging customers to continue to turn up for their NCT, and to book as normal.

“The test will be completed with the omission of the underbody inspection, which will be conducted at a later date when the lifts are returned fully to use,” a spokesperson said.

“NCTS can confirm that a small number of lift inspections have recommenced on a restricted basis.

Customers should note if a vehicle passes on lights, emissions, upper body exterior, vehicle interior, brakes, suspension and wheel alignment they will receive a vehicle inspection report stating “No Lift Inspection Done” resulting in a fail result.

“This no way implies the vehicle has failed on the items tested it just addresses the fact that no lift inspection was carried out. A certificate will be issued when all testable items have been successfully completed. We are advised that the insurance industry will take a pragmatic view for policyholders and not penalise them for not having a valid NCT.

All vehicle owners are reminded that the roadworthiness of their vehicle is their responsibility at all times.

In addition, motorists are being advised to keep a copy of their Vehicle Inspection Report with them in order to present it to a member of An Garda Síochána if required.”

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