Swords is defended as a safe night spot

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LOCAL politicians have dismissed claims in a national newspaper that a fight outside a nightclub in Swords was a “savage brawl” and said it was “blown out of proportion”.
The article in question was accompanied by photos of three young men engaged in a drunken fracas, which reportedly continued sporadically for around 15 minutes.
There were no arrests and no injuries reported. It is unclear whether the incident happened on Swords’ Main Street or elsewhere in the town.
This comes just a few weeks after the town raised its recently awarded Purple Flag – an award which recognises excellence in a safe and vibrant nighttime economy.
Cllr Darragh Butler (FF) dismissed the suggestion that this reflects badly on the town’s reputation as a nighttime destination.
He said: “The article to me reads like they sat outside a nightclub somewhere waiting for a photo opportunity for a story they were running on the following Monday anyway.
“Swords 100% deserves its Purple Flag for a safe and enjoyable evening entertainment environment, and Main Street is great for a night out and has loads of good restaurants and pubs on offer.”
The article went on to report incidents of people falling over and other examples of drunken behaviour.
Deputy Alan Farrell (FG) said the article blew the whole incident out of proportion. Analysing the media reports, he said: “It’s a blow-by-blow [account], really – somebody fell over, got helped up and went home. Well, that happens everywhere! That will happen on a Tuesday afternoon.”
He added that publicity like this is bound to damage the town’s reputation as a destination, and make people think twice about visiting, but he said the bottom line is that this happened around 2.30am, when most revellers have dispersed.
“Unfortunately, any incident that happens at around 2.30 in the morning is invariably going to be drink-fuelled, which is very unfortunate, but they are random incidents.
“It’s not as if it’s a weekend or monthly occurrence. They’re regrettable and avoidable at all times, but unfortunately, no matter where you are, when you mix alcohol and flighty individuals, you get trouble,” said Deputy Farrell.
This follows figures released by An Garda Siochana which show public order offences in Dublin have increased dramatically between January and June this year, up around a third from the same time last year.
Swords Garda Station has recorded 126 public order offences per 100,000 people, which ranks in the lower end of the scale.
In comparison, Store Street and Pearse Street garda stations recorded 2,567, and 3,903 offences respectively during the same period, while suburban areas were much lower, such as Finglas, which recorded 183 incidents.

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