Successful career path leads to heart of business

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BEING three stone overweight, and joining Weight Watchers over twenty-five years ago, was the accidental start of a long, happy, and successful career path, which has recently seen Martina Sinclair appointed CEO of Weight Watchers Ireland.
“My experience as a member was so positive, and I loved the whole Weight Watchers ethos so much, that I applied to be a class leader,” Martina explains.
Even as Martina’s roles within the organisation developed, she remains a leader and still takes meetings in Dublin City Centre, as well as occasionally attending other classes.
“My role evolved over 25 years, from member to class leader, to trainer where I recruited and trained new and current leaders, to training manager, followed by operations manager, then general manager, and now, in 2016, Weight Watchers Ireland CEO”.
Martina loves being in the heart of the business, and seeing the results Weight Watchers delivers.
“I meet people every week in class who know they can trust Weight Watchers to help them make sustainable and healthier food and lifestyle choices, to achieve their weight loss goals, and, as a result, live happier and healthier lives,” she maintains.
Weight Watchers meetings are nationwide, and the business is supported from a head office in Swords, County Dublin.

At the heart of Weight Watchers’ success are the class leaders, themselves successful members, and passionate experts in healthy weight management.
You can’t work in the industry without being interested in people, and how they manage their health and fitness goals, Martina Sinclair insists.
“I keep an eye on what’s happening in the world of health and weight loss. Maintaining my own weight means making smart choices during the week, to enjoy a bit more flexibility at the weekends.
“And if I want to lose a few pounds, or re-ignite my own weight loss motivation, I go to a Weight Watchers class and enjoy the experience of being a member,” she admits.
Exercise is an important part of Martina’s life, and is a cornerstone of the Weight Watchers approach.
“I love how it makes me feel, even though I don’t always feel like doing it.
“It’s hugely important, not just for maintaining a healthy weight, but for helping to manage stress.
“You’ll find me in the gym around 6.30am, so that I can get it done before I’m properly awake!”
Martina says she has absolutely no regrets about the years she spent being overweight, claiming it was part of what brought her to where she is today, and to a role she thoroughly enjoys.
“I have always had great support at home, especially from my husband, who has been with me literally through thick and thin, or maybe slimmer, fitter, healthier, and happier.”
Weight Watchers Ireland is part of a global operation, and recently introduced its new healthy and holistic approach to managing weight loss, “SmartPoints”.
“Weight Watchers is a fantastic organisation. We’ve been around for over 50 years, always innovating as nutritional science changes, and always learning more about human behaviour!
“Right now, it’s a very busy, exciting place to be”, the new CEO of Weight Watchers Ireland says.

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