Students set to fight for extension

by Gazette Reporter
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Students have got behind their school by signing a petition for an extension with a view to hand it to local ministers at an upcoming public meeting.
Castleknock Community College has invited local ministers, TDs and councillors to attend a public meeting at the school on May 16 to discuss getting the 10 new classrooms and sports hall promised to them in 2006.
Speaking to The Gazette, CCC principal John Cronin said students are signing a petition this Thursday (May 9).
“They are concerned about it. We are bidding our class of 13 goodbye and they remind me that six years ago, I promised them that before their time is done here that they would have a sports hall and the additional classrooms – that are long overdue,” he said.
“They have gone through six years of listening to me promising something – your integrity is on the line.
“The student council meet on an annual basis and one of the issues high on their agenda now is the facilities long since promised and not delivered on. They are very active on it,” he added.
The school has had numerous sporting achievements, and continue to have them, yet in 17 years they have not hosted a home game because there is no sports hall.
“There is an appetite, a passion – teachers are giving up weekends going training and coaching.
“It has been decided by the powers that be, that they are not releasing the funding for this particular project. Yet the Department of Education’s policy is to replace all temporary accommodation and we have prefabricated buildings that are just on their last legs.
“Into that, we deliver a first-class education but they still haven’t honoured their commitment to replace these ‘temporary’ accommodations – how long is temporary?” he continued.
Carol Pitcher, chairperson of parents association CCC said support is gathering for the meeting but urged everyone to come and get involved.
“Judging on the meeting we had before, I hope we have more people there. Parents realise the work that has been done… there has been a response to the request to engage with politicians as constituents themselves,” she added.
The public meeting takes place on May 16 at 8pm at the school.

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