RTE 2 presenter and Dubliner, Stephen Byrne

HAVING initially gained a following for his popular YouTube videos, RTE 2 presenter and Dubliner, Stephen Byrne is currently making waves in the Irish broadcasting world.
With a string of celebrity interviews behind him for his show Two Tube and his radio presenting taking off Stephen has a few more tricks up his sleeve.
Speaking to The Gazette about what a typical day for him involves, Stephen revealed that he’s about to start filming for a new RTE show.
“I’m working on a prank show that I pitched,” he says.
“I can’t say the name just yet but it’s a brand new show and it’s all to do with social media. It was my idea so it’s really exciting.”
“It’ll be different to anything I’ve ever done before and there’s a lot of new faces involved.
“In terms of my role, I’m going to be the man behind the scenes in the control room, the Ashton Kutcher, the Wizard of Oz.”
As for his RTE 2 show Two Tube, Stephen says a day of filming for it typically involves getting a bus to the RTE studios before taking part in production meetings to figure out what’s on the show that day.
“We have to work out what interviews we’re doing that day and where they’re on. It can be quite hectic.
“If there’s an interview on somewhere in Dublin, I’d prepare my questions and hop in the car with the producers to go to the location.”
When he gets back to the studio he writes the script for the live show with his co-presenter and best friend Blathnaid McKenna
“We’re best mates outside of work as well, which most people don’t understand! They’re always like ‘are you actually friends?’ and we’re like ‘yeah of course!’
“It’s so great to be able to work with your best friend all day every day,” he says.
If he has to choose between working on TV or radio, Stephen says it’s a mix.
“I’ve been doing Two Tube for four years now so it’s very much routine and I love it, mostly because of the people I work with.”
Stephen said that he’s been lucky enough to interview some big names over the years including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. His favourite celebrity encounter so far however has been his interview with Stephen Spielberg.
“He is cinema, so when I met him I was just like ‘Well I don’t need to meet anybody else now!’”
When it comes to down time Stephen says he loves nothing more than simply chilling out with his friend and boyfriend.
“I love getting the chance to catch up with my friend Faye O’Rourke from the band Little Green Cars and just kicking back with my boyfriend, we’ve been together two years now.
“Just coming home, cooking a meal, kicking back and watching Desperate Housewives – we’re watching it for the third time now!”
As well his upcoming prank show, Stephen also has a documentary on homophobia in the world of football in the works.
For aspiring vloggers and YouTubers, Stephen’s advice is be yourself.
“Find something about yourself that you think is unique and really hone in on that. Make videos about what you’re passionate about because if you enjoy making them then people will enjoy watching them.”


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